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Good Work Done

1. WhatsApp Helpline

1(1)Purulia District Police has introduced two help lines through this medium newly for public with Phone numbers and categorized as (A) ‘General Help Line’ and (B) ‘Women Help Line’. For having contact exclusively with Superintendent of Police Purulia on his whatsApp group, General public and General women can share information, problems, events, photographs etc only through What App on these Phone numbers respectively-7872230001(For General Helpline) and 7872230002 (For Women Helpline).

2. Traffic Awareness Seminar

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Traffic Awareness Seminar organized by Purulia District Police on 15/10/2015 at J K College, Purulia.

3. Detection of Arms Factory

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Purulia District Police has detected and arrested the gang who were engaged in the act of preparing illegal parts of fire arms with the help of the tools Ref. Raghunathpur PS Case No. 46/15 dt 20/03/15 U/S 109 IPC and 25/26/27/35 Arms Act.

4. Medical Camps

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a) Medical Camp organized by Purulia District Police on 19/04/2015 at Malti Jilpa Laya High School, PS- Balarampur, Purulia.

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b) Medical Camp organized by Purulia District Police on 07/06/2015 at Belguma Police Line, Purulia.

5. Blood Donation Camps


Blood Donation Camp organized by Purulia District Police on 29/03/2015 at Rangamati village, PS- Baghmundi, Purulia.


Blood Donation Camp organized by Purulia District Police on 03/04/2015 at Belguma Police Line, Purulia.

Blood Donation Camp organized by Purulia District Police on 07/04/2015 at Paharigora village, PS- Santaldih, Purulia.

BLOOD DONATION CAMP UNDER Kotshila PS on 28.06.2015

Blood Donation Camp organized by Purulia District Police on 28/06/2015 at Kotshila PS, Purulia.


Blood Donation Camp organized by Purulia District Police on 07/09/2015 at Ichhar High School, PS- Santaldih, Purulia.
Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life!
Purulia District Police organized blood donation camp on 17th July where 140 police personnel donated their blood.
All are requested to donate blood and save life.

6. Cloth Distribution

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Cloth Distribution organized by Purulia District Police on 19/03/2015 at Rangamati village, PS- Baghmundi, Purulia.

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Cloth Distribution organized by Purulia District Police on 19/04/2015 at Malti Jilpa Laya High School, PS- Balarampur, Purulia.

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Cloth Distribution organized by Purulia District Police on 18/05/2015 at Mahalitard village, PS- Balarampur, Purulia.

7. Police Assistance Booths


Police Assistance Booths organized by Purulia District Police on 20/05/2015 at Boro Chatarma Pry. School, PS- Balarampur, Purulia


Police Assistance Booths organized by Purulia District Police on 18/06/2015 at Gopalnagar High School, PS- Manbazar , Purulia.

Police Assistance Booths organized by Purulia District Police on 18/06/2015 at Asania village, PS- Joypur, Purulia.


Police Assistance Booths organized by Purulia District Police on 11/09/2015 at Golapara, Janipur & Kalapati villages, PS- Boro, Purulia.


Police Assistance Booths organized by Purulia District Police on 11/09/2015 at Udaypur More, PS- Para, Purulia.

8. Traffic Awareness documentry












Traffic Awareness documentry show organized by Purulia District Police at different Puja Pandals…shooting of 7 minutes documentry was done at Adra by professional makers powered by Purulia Police……a small step to make our people aware about causes of road accidents…keep your family safe and enjoy festival.

9. Puja Pandal Parikrama arranged for Children


Puja Pandal Parikrama arranged for Children of remote LWE affected villages of Bandwan PS

10. PS level Football league match













PS level Football league match organized by Muffassil PS


11. Purulia District Police organized MANBHUM MALE & FEMALE MARATHON 2015

Purulia District Police organized MANBHUM MALE & FEMALE MARATHON 2015, more then 4000 male and approx 1000 female participated from all the parts of the district with great enthusiasm which shows potential of youths of Purulia and increased Police Public relationship…….Thanks to all for great participation.




12. Leaflet for the Awareness against ATM fraud


13. Jungle Mahal Sports 2015

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Male & Female Archery Competition

DSC_1730 798f459b-fe31-4fb6-8fac-5d21b939caf1

Chhou Competition


Male & Female Football Competition




14. An initiative of Purulia District Police for the youths of Purulia

An initiative of Purulia District Police for the youths of Purulia. Army Recruitment Rally is scheduled from coming 7th to 15th January at BSA Stadium, Bankura. Willing candidate has to be registered online on www.joinindianarmy.nic.in by 23rd December. Registration centres are running at all the Police Stations as well as Police office. All are requested to spread the message and ensure maximum participation.

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15. Clean Police Station Event

Purulia District has under taken ‘Cleanest Police Station Competition’ in the district with a view to keep the PS premises neat and clean by generating healthy Competition among the PSs in this regard, as neat and clean Police Station will be helpful for better stress management which will finally improve the performance.

This year, the said Competition was started from 17.10.15 in which an inspection team headed by Dy SP (DEB), Purulia visited all 23 PSs of the district to assess the cleanliness. Score sheets have been prepared on the following points viz; garbage disposal, beatification, cleanliness of barrack, mess, kitchen, hazat etc. The first 03 (three) and last 03 (three) Police Station have already been selected on that basis.



16. Purulia District Police wishing Merry Christmas

Purulia District Police wishing you all….Merry Christmas. Police Personnels offering cake and flower bouquet to father of all the churches.


17. Mobile Recovery

Police Officers of Purulia Police handing over missing mobile sets to original owner after prompt recovery.


18. 27th Road Safety Week

Purulia District Police observed ” 27th Road Safety Week ” to inculcate traffic safety awareness among citizen by conducting Rally, Seminar, Debate, Street Corner, distribution of roses and sweets to defaulters, Sit & Draw competition, documentary show at various places, Special Classes for Drivers and Youths, Distribution of leaflets etc. All are requested to imbibe traffic safety measurens and save life.
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19. Interaction Programme

Medical camp, blanket distribution, study material distribution, Khichuri distribution and interaction programme organized by Purulia District Police organized at remote village Khamar under Jhalda PS.
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20. Purulia Police organized medical camp at Hedalbera village of Ajodhya Hill under Balrampur PS on 10th July where people of surrounding villages were treated and several patients will be taken to hospital for surgery within this week. Distribution of study materials among children and Saries, Lungi, umbrellas among adults was also done. Several benefits were provided from the end of BDO Balrampur Block also.





21. Inaugurated Coaching Centre Computer Training Centre for students of remote areas of Bandwan PS:

Purulia District Police inaugurated Coaching Centre cum Computer Training Centre for students of remote areas of Bandwan PS with a desire to provide free education to needy students with all modern amenities.
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” Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” – William Butler Yeats
Today Purulia Police inaugurated Free Competitive Coaching Centre at Rangadih Bhajnasram High School, Balrampur with 119 aspirants. Purpose of opening this centre is to make the youth of remote areas capable to compete with urban aspirants. We are thankful to school administration for allowing us to use their infrastructure.







22. Purulia District Police organized Medical Camp

Purulia District Police organized Medical Camp at Rasiknagar under Bandwan PS where around 600 patients from remote villages were treated by specialists and required medicines and food distributed among them.



23. Trees are the lungs of the earth so give life to tree and take life from tree.

Trees are the lungs of the earth so give life to tree a
As per satellite imagery data forest coverage of Purulia is 29.69 % of the total land which is insufficient considering drought situation.
We have started intensive plantation in all police units as well as vacant land. Forest department are also planting trees along with road and barren land. District Magistrate is also extending overall support.
Now it’s our turn as society to save all these planted trees which will save our next generation.







24. Purulia Police celebrated 70th Independence day.

Purulia Police celebrated 70th Independence Day and various programmes were organised on this occasion eg. Marathon at Ajodhya, distribution of clothes, sports material, study materials, school bags, umbrellas at Hesadih More under Baghmundi PS and many more programmes at all PSs. Villagers of Ajodhya area participated spontaneously and enjoyed food with Policemen.



25. Purulia Police participated in celebration of Kanyashree

Today Purulia Police participated in celebration of Kanyashree Divas on 14.08.16 where we set up one Police Assistance Booth, distributed leaflets on information related to police recruitment, introduced one tableau of Safe Drive Save Life, displayed documentation on Safe Drive Save Life.







26. Best time to plant a tree is now

Tree plantation initiative of Purulia District Police observed at Kashipore PS



27. To succeed in your mission, you must have single – minded devotion to your goal.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Purulia Police started 2nd coaching centre for competetive examinations at Adra for the aspirants of Raghunathpur Subdivision. We expect dedicated effort from participants. Wish you all the best for success. Thanx


28. Purulia Police celebrated Raksha Bandhan involving theme of SAFE DRIVE SAVE LIFE. We wish all to stay safe.


29. Purulia Police organized Puja Parikrama for children of Kuchia Free Police Coaching Centre from remote villages of LWE affected areas of Bandwan PS on 08.10.16.


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30. Purulia Police organized awareness programme against witchcraft at remote village under Joypur PS through documentary prepared by us. Representative of Bigyan Manch also displayed scientific magic which are used by ojhas. We distributed helmets, clothes etc among villagers.

All to stay away from superstition and witchcraft.


31. On 23.10.16 Bandwan PS of Purulia Police organized blanket, towel & soap distribution programme at Tharkadaha with Lions Club Durgapur among the villagers of Tharkadaha, Asanpani, Paharkol, Porobera, Heselghutu, Kharban and Royaldih located at remote Jharkhand border. Khichuri was also arranged for approx 1500 villagers. Jhalda PS also arranged cloth distribution followed by Khichuri distribution at Pardih village.

32. Purulia Sadar Women PS organized legsl awareness camp and awareness against witchcraft at Dabar village under Muffassil PS.

33. Manbazar PS organized Marathon to promote Safe Drive Save Life campaign involving youths of Manbazar and surrounding areas.


34. Ai dipabali sobdomukhor noi

35. Please lst’s protect them & be proud to say “NO” to loud noise fireworks


Santhaldih PS organized sit and draw competetion involving school students over the topic of Traffic Safety to make them aware about traffic rules and safety measures.

37. Jungle Mahal Cup 2016-2017

Glimpses of District Final of Jungle Mahal Cup 2016-17 Male & Female football, Male & Female Archery, Pata Dance organized on 08.12.16 at MSA stadium, Purulia.



1) 05 Child marriages stopped by Kotshila Police Station : On 16.04.16 receiving an information that 05 numbers of child marriages are going to be held in 05 different families at Goryatard village under Kotshila PS, OC Kotshila PS had been to the village and met with the villagers including the said 5 families and the children those who were going to be married within few days. After a marathon meeting and prolonged persuasion, the arrangement for the said marriages could be restrained with active agreement of the concerned families without enforcing the laws under guidance of Secretary, District Legal Service Authority.

This is a good instance for the society as well as for the parents and family members.  Child marriage is prohibited in the law. But parents and family members specially at remote villages still advocate child marriage and they are not bothered alert the future of their minor child. In this case O/C Kotshila PS and his team did a splendid job to stop child marriage with the help of Child line and Ld. Judge Shri Rohan Sinha Secretary, District Legal Service Authority. Such kind of action certainly spread awareness in remote villages in a district like Purulia.

2) Child marriage stopped by Kenda Police Station : On 08.06.16 getting information from local source Kenda PS prevented the marriage of a minor girl aged 15 years of Village- Kamta, PS- Kenda, Dist- Purulia. Thereafter a specific case was initiated Vide Kenda PS Case No- 34/2016, dated 09.06.2016 over the complaint of Child Line, Purulia and 03 persons namely 1) Bonod Kumar Agarwal (bridegroom) S/O Lt Mulchand Agarwal, Vill- Rekha, PS- Labkushnagar, Dist- Chatarpur, Madhya Pradesh 2)  Sitanath Paramanik (father) S/O Balaram Paramanik of Vill- Kamta, PS- Kenda, Dist- Purulia and 3) Baidynath Bouri (mediator) S/O- Lt. Pabitra Bouri of Vill- Kamta, PS- Kenda, Dist- Purulia were arrested on 09.06.2016.

This is an exemplary action of Police  for the society and for the parents and family members,  who still advocate child marriage despite being a legal offence.

3) Rescue of minor handicapped and mentally retarded girl by Boro Police Station :  On 11.07.16 evening during evening mobile duty ASI Tarapada Mete and force found one minor girl moving aimlessly near Dangardih more under Boro PS. On suspicious ground mobile officer asked the girl about her identity. After throwing some questions it was found that the girl was little unsound minded and her left hand was paralyzed. Accordingly finding no other alternative police party brought the minor girl at Police station immediately and offered food and water and the minor girl had the food voraciously. Subsequently after a prolonged conversation the girl only could disclose her name as Saraswati Sardar and her village as Kumarpara. Other Police personnel of Boro Police station came to know from one Constable of this Police station that a village in the name of Kumarpara is existed under Ranibandh PS, Dist- Bankura. Later on O/C of Boro Police station somehow managed to contact one of the family members of Saraswati Sardar and from him they came to know that the minor girl left her house on 11.07.16 at about 11.00 hrs without informing anybody. The family members searched in all the probable places but they could not trace her. On 11.07.16 night the minor girl namely Saraswati Sardar(15) D/o- Lt. Tanu Sardar of village Kumarpara, PS- Ranibandh, Dist- Bankura was handed over to her mother Sakuntala Sardar after proper verification.

This is a good work done by police personnel of Boro Police station. The minor girl having one limb paralyzed and little mentally unsounded was saved from different precarious condition. Observation and alertness also became displayed here during the time of routine police duty. The minor girl got back to her parents with utmost joy which she expressed ultimately while getting back to her parents.

4) Good initiative taken by Boro Police Station for Sabar Community : On 20.08.16 and 09.09.16 Boro Police station Organized Police Assistance Booth at Chekua Sabar para a remote village Tetuldih and at Royna and Bhalukdih Sabarpara village and under direct supervision of Circle Inspector of Manbazar Circle. Boro Police station gave away  football and other playing materials to the youth of Chekua village and encouraged them to play football so that they could take part in Jungle Mahal Football tournament. One widow Sabar woman was also given financial substance on the occasion of her husband’s “Sraddha Anusthan”.

This is a good move of police towards the Sabar community. The approach of O/C Boro and his team to the Sabar villagers of those villages was highly appreciated by the community. This is a good effort to get back the Sabar people in main stream.

5) Rescue and saving of an aged woman by Santaldih Police Station : On 23.08.16 receipt of information from a CVF that an old woman aged about 65 years was lying beside the road near Ashurbandh under Santaldih PS with severe illness, police personnel of Santaldih PS rushed to the spot and recovered the old lady from the spot and admitted to STPS hospital Santaldih. After few days when she recovered from illness and could tell police only the name of village ‘Mahato tola’, I/C Santaldih PS sent the photo and village name to the bordering O/C’s of Jharkhand through WhatsApp and O/C Chandankiyari PS replied that one woman was missing at Mahato tola under Chandankiyari PS and the family members of the aged woman identified her and came to Santaldih PS and took the woman from Santaldih PS to their house. They also told that the woman namely Aruli Mahato was suffering from mental illness.

Police personnel and Civic Volunteer Force of Santaldih Police station, by their sincere effort, saved the life of the aged woman by arranging treatment in hospital. I/C Santaldih PS almost having no clue found out the address of the undone aged woman after a lot effort and exerting presence of mind. Lastly the lady was handed over to her family members.

6) Proactive performance by Adra Police Station : On 11.09.16 evening SI Pankaj Singh O/C Adra PS received a telephonic information that a Train ( 63596 Burdwan-Purulia Passenger) dashed one Indica car at Jiara unmanned Railway level crossing in which the passengers of said car received grievous injury and huge number of local people   obstructed the place of occurrence with a demand to enquire into the negligence of Train driver. On receiving this information he promptly informed the matter to all superiors as well as Rail Authorities and left for the spot with his team.


Arriving at the spot he found that a huge number of agitated crowds surrounded the engine of the said Train to punish the offending Train Driver and were showing agitation with a demand for Ambulance. Neither the RPF nor the GRP could reach there by then. In spite of being outside Jurisdiction, in anticipation of urgency O/C, Adra Police Station was provided the vehicle for shifting the injured to Hospital immediately. Upon this act of Police team managed to control the agitated crowd and also rescued the Train Driver whose life was at stake before unruly mob.


This is an instance of proactive prompt action of Adra Police station without considering the question of jurisdiction, which could save the life of the passengers of India car as well as the Train driver.

Initiative taken by Puncha Police Station for Sabar Community : On 30.09.16 Puncha Police station distributed Sari, Rags, Lungi, shirts among the people of Sabar community of Damodarpur, Khuditard and also arranged lunch for them. Member of each family of that locality got clothes. Exercise book, pen, pencil were distributed among the Sabar students.

Such efforts certainly goes a long way too loving the people of Sabar Community into mainstream.

8)Rescue of young mentally retard lady by Santaldih Police Station : Similarly, on 29.10.16 one mentally retarded lady namely Sarita Devi (32yrs) W/O Mithilesh Kumar Singh of Athagama, PS- Khari, Dist-Bhagalpur was recovered from Poradih village under Santaldih PS and was kept at Santaldih PS safe custody and on 31.10.16 recovered lady was handed over to her husband namely Mithilesh Kumar Singh after proper verification. This refers to Santaldih PS GDE No. 996, dt. 31/10/16.

Police personnel of Santaldih Police station saved her life, gave shelter at Police station. Lastly she was handed over to her husband.

9) Good detection and arrest in a murder case : On 06.02.15 at about 09.00 hrs near a culvert at Kulgora more under Hura PS one unknown male dead body aged about 35 yrs with sharp cutting injuries on throat and both hands, was found lying on water. Over this, Hura PS Case No- 09/15 dated- 06.02.15 U/S-302 IPC was started. During investigation dead body of unknown deceased has been identified as Dipak Mahato S/O Lt. Mahadeb Mahato of Birsanagar, Zone- 3, Block- A, PS- Birsanagar, Jamseedpur, Dist- East Singbhum, (JKD). During investigation it is well established that the accused persons committed murder of driver of vehicle No- Vehicle No- JH05N/2979 namely Dipak Mahato S/O Lt. Mahadeb Mahato of Birsanagar, Zone- 3, Block- A, PS- Birsanagar, Jamseedpur, Dist- East Singbhum, (JKD) and looted the truck bearing No- JH05N/2979 and its goods (25 MT Silicon). On the basis of written complaint of Dilip Kr. Dwivedi S/O Lt. Chotelal Dwivedi of Lalita Logistics & Agencies Pvt. Ltd, Panjagutta, Hydrabad 500082 Coke Oven PS case No- 25/15 Dtd- 12.02.15, u/s- 407 IPC was started against the owner of the Vehicle No- JH05N/2979 for misappropriation of goods (25 MT Silicon). As per order of Ld. Court that case is transferred and attached with this case. During interrogation arrested 08 (Eight) accd persons confessed that they murdered Dipak Mahato with other associates and also looted truck bearing No- JH05N/2979 loaded with Silicon. Seized alamats have been sent to FSL, Kolkata for examination and expert opinion. The involved of other co-accused namely Pappu Jha, Dist- Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Jitendar @ Jitu Prasad, Dist- Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Mahabub Khan, Dist- Burdwan, West Bengal, Dipak Singh of Do have been strongly transpired in this case. W/A have been issued against Pappu Jha S/O Nilkanta of Birsanagar, PS- Birsanagar, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and Jitendar @ Jitu Prasad S/O Lt. Nageswar Prasad of Gobindapur, PS- Gobindpur, Jharkhand. Raid is continued to secure their arrest but they are evading to avoid Police arrest. Investigation is proceeding.


  • Arrest– Eight (08) accd persons namely 1. Dilip Thakur (28) of Dist- Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 2. Pintu Giri (27) of Dist- East Singbhum, Jharkhand 3. Rahul Singh of Dist- Kolkata, West Bengal 4. Md. Aftab Khan  of Dist- Burdwan, West Bengal 5. Alok Niranjan Prasad (35) of Dist- Patna, Bihar A/P- Dist- Burdwan, West Bengal 6. Ratan @ Kundan Verma (40) of Dist- Burdwan, West Bengal 7. Akash Verma (26) of Dist- Burdwan, West Bengal.


  • Seizure- One truck bearing No- JH05N/2979 and its goods (25 MT Silicon), offending weapons i.e. one small knife with mud measuring about 22 cm, one Astura (Khur) with mud 25 cm have been seized.

10) Detection and arrest of Criminals in Respect of illegal arms factory by Raghunathpur Police Station : On 20.0315 at 14:55 hrs acting on a source information regarding running of illegal firearms factory just beside of graveyard at Munsefdanga, Raghunathpur at a rented house by using different tools and machines and also transporting different parts of illegal firearms in various places of Jharkhand side, SI Dipankar Sarkar O/C Raghunathpur PS along with force held raid and arrested accd persons and recovered various kinds of parts of illegal Arms.

  • Arrest– Seven (07) accd persons namely 1. Arun Kr Barma of Dist- Raurkella, Orrissa 2. Md Kallu of Dist- Patna, Bihar 3. Md Chand of Dist- Dhanbad, Jharkhand 4. Md Amir of Do 5. Md Sikandar of Do 6. Israr Ahmed of     7. Rajesh Kumar of  Dist- Munger, Bihar.


  • Seizure- Barrel – 1. 257 pieces in length of 4 ½” & 56 pieces in length of 3 ½” 2.  Parts of Butt portion of 9 mm pistol – A. 5 pieces in length of 4 ½” & B. 180 pieces in length of 4” 3.  Bridge Block of 9 mm pistol – A. 5 pieces in length of 6 ½” & B. 169 pieces in length of 6” are there in the ground at their work place. 3. Structure of 9 mm pistol – A. 1  piece in length of 8” B.  2 pieces in length of 7 ½” c. 8  pieces in length of 7” & D. 1 piece in length of 6” 2. 66 pieces body of 9 mm pistol.

11) Detection and arrest of Truck lifter : On 25.11.2016 during naka checking duty, ASI B. C. Mondal received telephonic information from O/C Neturia PS that one truck bearing No- CG 04JC/8509 is coming from Raghunathpur side loaded with pieces of iron butt which is stolen from other place, accordingly said ASI along with force intercepted the said truck at Haridih More and apprehended 03 accused persons. On being asked they disclosed their identity and brought them at PS and started Neturia PS Case No- 73/16 dated: 25/11/16 U/S-379/411/413/414 IPC. During interrogation it came to learn from the statement of the accused that Dipak Singh @ Satbant Singh is a habitual offender of these type of crime. Several cases have been registered against him at different PS’s vide Hura PS Case No. 09/15 Dt. 06/02/15 U/S- 302 IPC adding section 201/120B/407/394 IPC, Kulti PS Case No- Case No. 192/12 dt. 18.07.12 u/s 395/397 IPC & Case No- 423/13 Dt. 30/12/13 u/s- 395/397 IPC read with section 25/27/35 Arms Act, Sagardighi PS Case No. 434/10 dt. 10.10.10 u/s 395/412 IPC and Liluah PS Case No. 114/15 dt. 11.04.15 u/s 379/395/397 IPC.


  • Arrest– Four (04) accd persons namely 1. Dipak Singh @ Satbanta Singh (28) of Dist-Burdwan, West Bengal 2. Suresh Routh @ Kaju Routh (33) of Dist- Gopalganj, Bihar 3. Md. Jamshed Alam @ JD (25) of Dist- Burdwan, West Bengal 4. Suroj Singh (32) of Dist- Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh.


  • Seizure- One truck bearing No- CG 04JC/8509 loaded with pieces of iron butt, Three pieces fake number plate, Two case of colour (one blue colour and one yellow colour), One Piece of waterproof silicon carbide paper.


Sharad Samman, 2017 on ‘SAFE DRIVE SAVE LIFE’ on 30.09.2017

Best Awareness Campaign- Nadiha Madhya Pally Sarbojanin Durgotsov Committee
Best Awareness Display- Dhabghata Panchapara Durga Puja Committee
  Best Theme- Purano Jhalda Railway Colony Durga Puja Samity
 Prize Distribution Programme on 30.09.17

On 07-08.10.2017 Procession of Tableau with Replika of FIFA U-17 World Cup in Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata


Football Distribution Programme in Purulia on 09-10.10.2017









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