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Barabazar PS is located at 23° 1' 56.92" N and 86°21'39.19"E and 42 Km South from District HQ. Barabazar Police Station has a jurisdiction over an area of 414 Sq. Km. Population is 1,70,876 out of which 86,583 male and 84,293 female. Sub-Division: Purulia Sadar (West). Number of Gram Panchayats: 10. Inter-State Borders: 44.39 Kms. with (a) Kamalpur PS of East Singhbhum district, (b) Boram PSs of East Singhbhum district and (c) Nimdi PS of Saraikella Kharswan district. all of Jharkhand State. Inter-District Borders: With Balarampur, Boro, Arsha, Kenda & Manbazar PSs of Purulia district. Number of Blocks Covered: 01. Primary Livelihood: Cultivation. Economic Status: Backward.
Inspector in Charge Barabazar PS Inspector in Charge Phone Number
Shri Sougata Ghosh 9083269414
Police Station Phone Number


1. Area : 414 Sq. KM
2. Population (as per census 2011) : 146917
i. Male & Female : Male-74235, Female-72683
ii. Rural & Urban : 166345 & 7572
iii. S. C. & S.T : S.C – 11019 & S.T – 27977
iv. Sex Ratio : Not available
v. Population Density per sq km : 354.87/q km
3. Literacy : Not available
4. Religion (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh etc.) : Hindu- 123242, Muslim-5221, Sikh-0
5. Name of the National Highways : Nil
6. Name of the Railway Stations : Nil
7. Name of the Rivers passing through the PS : Nengsai and Kumari
8. Area of Forest : 6283.5 Sq KM
i. Name of Forest area : Barabazar, Sarberia, Signibasa, Sasangdih, Gahamikocha,
ii. Name of Hilly area : Sarberia, Laldih, Jharnakocha, Dumurbera, Sugnibasa Hill,
9. Area of Agriculture : 23898 Hq
10. Name of the Tourist Spots : Sanadaha, a small village under the Barabazar PS is a historical place.This village comes under Latpada Gram Panchayat.There have some encient “jain Murti”. Sarberia-Jharnakocha is the beautiful place under this block.There have one water falls and hills withcover of  tree. All the places are in this place are green.The two river Nengsai and Kumari are joint at Bagalbandh, the village under Bansbera Gram Panchayat
11. Name of the Bordering PSs : Boro, Manbazar, Kenda, Purulia(M), Arsha, Balarampur of Purulia Dist and Nimdih PS of Saraikela Kharswan Dist of Jharkhand, Baram, Kamalpur and Patamda of East Singbhum Dist of Jharkhand
12. Name of the Panchayet : Barabazar Panchayet.
13. Total GP with name : GP-10, Bhagabandh, Banjora, Bansbera, Barabazar, Berada, Dhelat-Bamu, Latpada, Sindri, Sukurhutu and Tumrasole
14. Assembly Constituency : Bandwan
15. Parliamentary Constituency : Jhargram
16. Number & Name of Hospital with locality & Contact No : Barabazar B.P.H.C., Sindri P.H.C. and Bamundiha P.H.C.
17. Number of School & Colleges : Pry. School- 158, High School- 16, College- 1
18. Industry (Name of the Big Industry) : Nil
19. Name of the MLA/MP with their Party affiliation & Contact No. : MLA- Rajib Lochan Saren (TMC),          MP- Jyotirmay Singh Mahato.
20. Name of the Big Hotels & Lodges with contact No. : Nil
21. Name of the important Doctors with contact No. : BMOH Dr. Paritosh Saren, PHC- 02: Dr. Deepak Patra, Sukumar Ghosh, Dr. Shyamkinkar Kuiri
22. Name of the NGOs with contact No. : Pradan, Tapananda Rural Development Society.
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