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Purulia (T) PS is located at 23°19'53.81"N and 86°21'58.66"E and 00 Km East from District HQ. Purulia(T) Police Station has a jurisdiction over an area of 13.93 Sq. Km having population 1,51,210 out of which 78,051 male and 73,159 female with 23 Ward . This Police Station is under Purulia Sadar West Sub-Division and sharing border with PSs of this district. The PS has one Municipality and maximum people livelihood is medium. Main earning of the area is business.
Officer in Charge Purulia (T) PS Officer in Charge Phone Number
SI Dipankar Sarkar 9083269417
Police Station Phone Number
1. Area : 13.90 Sq KM
2. Population(as per cencus 2011) : 1,26,976
i. Male & Female : Male – 67,239, Female- 59,737
ii. Rural & Urban : Urban
iii. S.C & S.T. : SC – 27485, ST – 3108
iv. Sex Ratio : 936 per 1000
v. Population Density per sq km : 9069/Sq KM
3. Literacy : 68%
4. Religion (Hindi, Muslim, Sikh etc.) : Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhists, Jains & Christen
5. Name of the National highways : National Highway 32 (Purulia Ranchi Road), National Highway 60A (Purulia Bankura Road)
6. Name of the Railway stations : Purulia Railway Station
7. Name of the Rivers passing through the PS : Nil
8. Area of Forest : Nil
i. Name of Forest area : NIL
ii. Name of Hilly area : NIL
9. Area of Agriculture : NIL
10. Name of tourist Spot : Subhas Park, District Science Centre
11. Name of the Bordering PSs : Purulia (M) P.S
12. Name of the Municipality : Purulia Municipality
13. Total Ward : 24
14. Name of the Chairman & BDO :
15. Assembly Constituency : 242
16. Parliamentary Constituency : 35 Purulia PC
17. Number & Name of Hospital with locality & contact No : Purulia Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital – 03252-222200, Purulia Mental Hospital -8145541060, Purulia Police Hospital -9434161884, Singhania Nursing Home -03252-202404, Sanjibani Nursing Home -9474322886, Roy Maternity – 9434006518 / 03252-223171.
18. Number of School & Colleges (No. of Pry. School, High school, Higher Secondary School with contact No.) : Pry. School – 74, High School & Madrasas – 18, College – 05
19. Industry (Name of Big Industry) : Kaypee Industry (Flour Mill), Telkolpara, PS Purulia (T), Dist-Purulia,M/S Krishna   Industries (Steel Ball Manufacturing   ), Karpur Bagan, PS Purulia (T), Dist-Purulia,Sri Durga Rice Mill , Telkolpara, PS Purulia (T), Dist-Purulia,Vitec Printo   (Printing and Publishing ) , Dulmi Nadiha , PS Purulia (T), Dist-Purulia,M/S Laxmi Narayan Food Products(Flour Mill), Kapurbagan ,PS Purulia (T), Dist-Purulia.
20. Name of the MLA/MP with Party Affiliation & Contact No. : MLA- Shri Sudip Kumar Mukerjee (INC),  Mob No- 9434149991, MP-  Dr. Mriganka Mahato (TMC)
21. Name of Big Hotels & lodges with contact No. : Hotel Aristocrat- 9732155701, Hotel Akash- 03252-224535, Hotel Dutta- 03252-228389, Hotel Lake Vue- 03252-224560, Hotel Menakshi- 03252-226622Hotel Kunal- 03252-226303, Hotel Oasis- 9333447667, Hotel Diya Raj, 03252-202823, Hotel Pinaki- 03252-223270, Hotel Rajdoot- 03252-226175, Hotel Akash Ganga- 03252-316145,Hotel Rajesh-03252-225256, Hotel Mayur- 03252-223706, Indraprastha Lodge- 9932219915, Hotel Vaishali- 98322110323, Hotel Rajasree 03252-224596, Hotel Sagar Ratan, 9434658133, Hotel Saree, 03252-224421Aparna Lodge- 03252-227746, Ahladini Lodge- 03252-229279, Dikshit Lodge- 03252-222732, Das Lodge, 03252-225646, Sarda Niketan Lodge- 03252-223374, Tilottoma Lodge ClosedKamalaya Lodge- 03252-223312,

Maheswari Lodge- 03252-229004,

Maa Bhawani Lodge- 03252-316913,

Ram Shyam Lodge- 9932711338, Nandi Lodge- 9832202105, Susma Lodge- 03252-227301, Janta Lodge- 03252-318200, Hotel Chhaya, 03252-228114

Sitara Lodge, 03252-225544

22. Name of the important doctors : Dr. Achintya Kumar Datta, Dr. Achintya Kumar Mandal, Dr. Agarwal S.K., Dr. Ajit Kumar Goswami, Dr. Ajoy Kumar PakrashiDr. Alos Hikha Saha, Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital,Dr. Amalesh Mandal, Dr. Amar Shankar De, Dr. Ananda Kgedia, Dr. Anil C. Das. Dr. Anil Chandra Ray, Dr. Anil Kumar Datta, Dr. Aniruddha Chail,Dr. Arabinda Das, Dr. Asim Kumar Dasgupta, Dr. Asis Ghosh, Dr. Asit Kumar Dasdan, Dr. Asutosh Lodh, Dr. Baghirath Mahato, Mahato Clinic, Dr. Balaram Prasad, Dr. Basanta Kumar Banerjee, Dr. Bhagat B., Dr. Binod Baran Bauri, Police Hospital, Dr. Biswapati Banerjee, Purulia Sadar Hospital, Dr. Chail N.G., Dr. Choudhury P.K., Dr. Debasis Banerjee, Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay Ophthalmology Purulia, Dr. Dhrubalal Kar, Sadar Hospital, Dr. Dipak Kumar Basak, Sadar Hospital, Dr. Dipak Kumar ChowdhuryDr. Dipankar Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Goutam Takur, Dr. H. Duttagupta Ophthalmology Purulia, Dr. Hari Mohan De, S.G. Hospital, Dr. Hasem S.A., Dr. Jayprakash Sana, Purulia Sadar Hospital, Dr. Jyoti Kumar Verma, Lion’s Eye Hospital, Dr. Jyotindra Nath Mahato, Dr. Kiriti Bhushan Sinha, Dr. Kushal Kumar Roy,Dr. Mahata, B., Mahata Clinic Cardiology Purulia,

Dr. Mandal R.K., Sadar Hospital,

Dr. Mohan Kumar Kataruka, Dr. Mondal A.P., Dr. Monojit Mondal, Dr. Mriganka Mahato, Dr. Nath A.K., Dr. Nayak S.K., Dr. Nitya Gopal Mukherjee

Dr. Panchanan De, Purulia Sadar Hospial, Dr. Partha P. Bandyopadhayay, Dr. Partha Sarathi Dhar, Purulia Sadar Hospital, Dr. Pradip Kumar Bagchi, Purulia Sadar Hospital,

Dr. Prasanta Kumar Bandyopadhyay,

Dr. Prasenjit Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Rabindra Nath Ray, Para Primary Health Centre, Dr. Rabindra Nath Das, Singhania Hospital, Dr. Rabindra Nath Sarkar, Sadar Hospital, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Agrawal, Dr. Rajiv Kumar Purbay, Dr. Ranendra Lal Modak, Dr. Sanatan Datta, Purulia Sadar Hospital

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Chattopadhyay,

Dr. Shyamapada Garia, Dr. Shyamlal Hembram, Dr. Sirsendu Giri, Dr. Subhas Chandra Mondal, Dr. Subodh Kumar Kaviraj, Dr. Subrata Sen, Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Mandal, Dr. Sukumar Roy, Dr. Suresh Kataruka, Dr. Suresh Kumar Sarawgi, Dr. Swapan Kumar Kar, Dr. Swapan Kumar Nayak Ophthalmology, Purulia, Dr. Syamal Kanti Goswami, Dr. Symal Kumar Sarkar, Dr. Tapas Bandyopadhyay, Dr. Ujjwal Banerjee, Dr. Upendra Nath Adhikari, Dr. Uttam Kumar Ray.



23. Name of the NGOs with contact No. : Fight for Purulia, 9932576283 Sakti Sangha, 9434001136 Vanus Club, 9475511525 Napitpara Cultural Samity, 9933465233 Purulia Town Club, 9434112546

Chhandabani Youth Forum, 9933057477

Rotary Club of Purulia, 9933150250

Purulia Musical Institute, 9832700504

Lions Club of Purulia, 9333333592

Joy Jowan Club, 8116104194

Bhatbandh Mahila Samity, 9474777244

Ramkrishna Sevabrata Society, 9932937745.

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