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In pursuance of order No 158-PL/PB/4P-14/11 dtd Kolkata, the 15th January, 2014 of Addl. Chief Secretary (Home) & Secretary of the Govt. of West Bengal and ORG NO. 270/ORG//ORG 84/2001 dtd 21/01/2014 of Police West Bengal, Purulia women Police Station inaugurated on 07/02/2014 by DG & IGP, West Bengal. Purulia Women Police Station (for Sadar Subdivision) set up at Bhatbandh as per standing Order No. 63/SP dtd 05/02/14. As per Police Order No. 03 dtd 28.03.2012 this Police Station has been functioning properly since last one & half year. This PS is covering the jurisdiction of Purulia (T) PS, Purulia (M) PS, Kotshila PS, Arsha PS, Jhalda PS, Joypur PS. At present the strength of this PS is Two (02) LSI, Three (03) LASI & Twenty (20) L/C .
Officer in Charge Purulia Sadar Women PS Officer in Charge Phone Number
LSI Arpita Das 9083269418
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