Who is the Superintendent of Police, Purulia?

  • Shri S. Selvamurugan, IPS, is the Superintendent of Police, Purulia

What are the objectives to establish Purulia Police System?

  • The basic objective of this Purulia Police is to deliver quality police service through unified chain of command quickly.

How many Zone are there in Purulia District Police?

  • There are 04 (four) Zone in Purulia District Police.

The Zone are :-

  1. Purulia Sadar Zone.
  2. SDPO Raghunathpur Zone.
  3. SDPO Jhalda Zone.
  4. SDPO Manbazar Zone.

Which Police Stations fall under the jurisdiction of Purulia District Police?

Who are the supervisory officers of a Zone to supervise the functions of Police Stations under the Zone?

  • Superintendent of Police and Additional Superintendent of Police is the supervisory officer of the respective Zone.

What are the specialized branches under Superintendent of Police Purulia?

  • District Intelligence Branch.
  • District Traffic Police.
  • District Enforcement Branch.

What is the role and functioning of District Intelligence Branch?

  • To collect criminal intelligence, investigate and detect important crime.

What is the role of Traffic Police?

  • Traffic management, implementation of traffic rules, realization of fine for traffic offence, issue of compound slips etc.

What is the role of Enforcement Branch?

• Enforcement of rules regarding Copyright Act, control order under Essential Commodity Act etc.

Can I get a copy of the FIR free of cost?

  • Yes, you can get a copy of the FIR free of cost as per provision of section 154 (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

What should I do if my case is not registered by the Police?

  • Please approach the following:

(i)Additional Superintendent of Police, Purulia

(ii)   Lodge a complaint at Complain Counter of the website with your details or

(iv)   Lodge complaint with the office of Superintendent of Police, Purulia or mail to sppla7@gmail.com / puruliasp@gmail.com

For the sake of investigation, can police call any person at Police Stations?

  • Yes, Section 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code empowers the Police Officer conducting investigation to call any person, who appears to be acquainted with the circumstances of the case at the Police Station. But, under no circumstances the investigating officer can call any woman or male under 15 years of age, at the Police Station.

Is there any fee for registration of a case?

  • No.

How should I, get the help of Police in case of emergency?

  • You may dial

For District Control Room – 100 or 8145500734 or 03252223209/210

For Women Helpline – 8145100220

For Child Helpline – 8145100735

What happens if a false case is lodged with Police?

  • There is provision of punishment under section 182 and 211 of IPC for lodging a false complain with Police.

Who is authorized to grant permission for organizing processions/meeting?

  • Deputy Commissioner of Police/Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police of the area.

Whom should I contact to obtain Police Clearance Certificate and CA Certificate?

  • For Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)- please contact Foreigners Registration Office, Asansol Durgapur. For CA Certificate- (1) For Govt. Organization – please contact Special Branch of Asansol-Durgapur Police Commissionerate (2) For Private Sector – please contact Local Police Station.

How should I get the permission for using microphone?

  • You will have to apply to the officer In-charge / Inspector In-charge of your Police Station. You will get the permission to be accorded by the Divisional Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police.

What are the basic requirements for obtaining a license for holding processions?

  • Following information should be furnished with application:

(a) Name, Address and Contact number

(b) The route of procession, start point and terminating point.

(c) Duration of procession

(d) Purpose of procession.

(e) Number of persons expected to participate.

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